Legal notice

Contentwise responsible in accordance with German law: Francesco Schwarz, Buttermelcherstraße 11, 80469 München. This is a private, non-commercial website.


Protecting the privacy of my visitors is very important to me. I don’t make use of third party programs (e.g. Google Analytics) that require the disclosure of visitor information. When you visit these sites, the usual sent-by-the-browser data is stored in the log files of the server:

In addition, I use Piwik (an open source analysis program) to see where my visitors come from, how long they stay, and which pages are more popular than others. A mapping of this data to a particular person is not possible for me (and is not in my interest). The data is not linked with those from other sources and not given to a third party by me.


Piwik sends a so-called cookie to your browser. This is a text file that the browser stores, which contains a unique character string. This serves to identify unique visits as such. If you disapprove of this, you can generally block cookies in your browser, or block only those for the subdomain


All content on this website is, unless stated otherwise, subject to the BY-NC-SA license. The content may therefore be copied and redistributed at any time for non-commercial purposes, provided my name is mentioned and the same license terms apply. All other content is subject to German copyright.

Links to other sites

All links that were placed by myself on this website are to be understood as a recommendation. I link pages to provide further information on specific topics or make available recommendable articles.

It can happen that the referenced content changes without my knowledge. In the disclaimer of the Berliner Beauftragten für Datenschutz und Akteneinsicht is stated that I am responsible for contents only if I have knowledge of them (i.e. also of illegal or criminal content) and I am technically able and it is reasonable to prevent their use. However, it is not reasonable that I constantly control all links on my sites, whether they are still in the condition in which they were when I linked to them.

So if you have the impression that a link on this website triggers civil or criminal liability, please let me know so I can check this link and (if necessary) remove it.