About me

My name is Francesco and I’m a Front-End Developer living and working in Munich, Germany, since 2013. My passion is to build experiences for people on the web that are responsive, fast, and accessible. Occasionally I find the time to blog about the things I do and am interested in on this very website.

Things that characterize me and my way of thinking:


After the high-school diploma 2006 and a following academic detour to the University of Passau until 2008 (B.Sc. Computer Science and Internet Computing) I completed a two-year IHK apprenticeship as a Digital Media Designer. Then I studied Media Computer Science at the University of Technology in Dresden where I graduated as a B.Sc. in 2013. The subject of my thesis: HTML5 as a trend-setting multimedia technology: concept and implementation of an accessible text and video chat with speech-to-text functionality.


Projects I do in my spare time or alongside my normal job:


You can find a lot of code projects of mine on GitHub.

Redesign and further development of www.jambit.com

The jambit website presented on different devices like iPhone, iPad, MacBook and iMac.

During summer/fall of 2015 I was responsible for the front-end and back-end redesign of the website of my employer.

The website has been selected site of the week in the ProcessWire Weekly:

The site itself contains a lot of content, is responsive, and seems quite snappy. […] Another thing we noticed was that the site […] handles touch gestures neatly, which definitely improves the […] experience for mobile users.

Besides a modern build and deployment process I focused on performance and front-end methods such as responsive design, responsive images, Flexbox, and progressive enhancement.

Bare Figures

In January 2012 I published the website Bare Figures which enables you to look at quarterly data of major companies through interactive, easy-to-use charts. The release attracted wide media coverage. An excerpt:

Fantastic tool by Francesco Schwarz for visualizing Apple unit sale and revenue growth over the past decade.

John Gruber (Daring Fireball)

Sometimes you have to see things to truly appreciate their magnitude. […] The chart above, which comes from Francesco Schwarz […] shows how unusual this quarter was for Apple.

Erick Schonfeld (TechCrunch)

Simply wonderful […]. Great stuff by Francesco Schwarz.

Charles Arthur (The Guardian)

Over the years the website ran through many iterations and enhancements. In the beginning I manually inserted the data into one huge JSON file, today ProcessWire and some self-written modules take care of the preparation and processing of the data. Highcharts is used for the graphic display and the interaction with the data in the front-end.

Web Developer Community Meetings Dresden

From summer 2012 to summer 2013 I organiszed and hosted the meetings of WDCM Dresden, a monthly get-together of web developers, geeks, nerds, and students to discuss web topics in a relaxed atmoshpere.


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